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Networking Home Entertainment Systems

Networking Home Entertainment Systems

July 28, 2004

Last month, Ipsos-Insight surveyed US adults to get a sense of their desire for what the research firm termed "digital dens" — the connection of home entertainment systems to the Internet.

While exactly 72% of respondents showed an interest in such a product, a number of them still posed concerns regarding brand compatability and setup being too complicated. (See eMarketer's earlier coverage of this report in "Merging Couch and Mouse Potatoes".)

This month, Ipsos released more information about the study, concentrating on the specific brands US adults would trust to deliver "digital dens" successfully. Over 40% cited HP and Dell as brands they would trust and over 50% cited Microsft and Sony. Exactly 34% cited Panasonic as a brand they would trust as a "digital den" provider, proving that consumers are not leaning toward one specific industry to succesfully provide them with the products and services necessary to connect home electronics to the Internet. The opportunity exists for a number of verticals, including consumer electronics, ISPs, PC vendors, cable companies, wireless service providers — even Google was named by 13% of respondents.

Furthermore, broadband service providers could benefit from a growing desire to connect home entertainmet systems to the Net. Ipsos also found that 43% of adults without broadband Internet say the availablilty of "digital den" technology would have "some" impact on getting them to migrate to broadband, while 23% say it would have a "great" impact on their migration to broadband.

For a complete picture of the future of "networked" homes, read eMarketer's spotlight report Home Networks: Converged Devices Yield a New Platform.