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IBM Canada Takes Top Spot in Corporate Citizenship

A very nice award indeed :-)

thanks to all the IBMers who made it happen, and CK for doing the due diligence!

Pat Horgan/Markham/IBM
Sent by: Donna Stepien

06/27/2008 12:37 PM

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IBM Canada Takes Top Spot in Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Knights ---- the Canadian magazine for responsible business, has just released their 2008 edition of the Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada.  I am delighted to report that IBM is ranked number-one in this years publication for our multifaceted commitment to corporate citizenship and the environment.  At the award presentation earlier this week, Corporate Knights cited the depth of involvement by all IBM'ers through volunteerism and community work coupled with corporate commitments such as Project Big Green and our technology transfer to developing nations through the World Community Grid as difference-makers.

Corporate Knights Magazine will be inserted in the Globe and Mail starting on Monday, June 30 for eastern Canada including Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.  Western Canada distribution will follow on July 7 and will include Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  

A Corporate Knight is defined as: a corporation that makes money for its shareholders, enhances their national and local communities, leaves as small a footprint as possible on the environment, treats employees well, and keeps customers happy.

Receiving top spot in 2008 should be a point of pride for all IBM'ers across the country.  I encourage you to share this great news with your employees and to communicate this achievement to your clients.

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