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"Energy Management and the Environment: Challenges and the Future" -- compilation of articles highlighting government and corporate initiatives for promotinge nvironmental sustainability in the field of energy management

From one of the members of this distribution list, Dr. Anshuman Khare


We are happy to announce the release of the edited book titled "Energy
Management and the Environment: Challenges and the Future." the book is
edited by Professor Anshuman Khare with Joel Nodelman as the Associate
Editor. The Foreword is written by Simon Knight from Climate Change Central
and the book is introduced by Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President Athabasca

It took two years and lots of support from Athabasca University's alumni
network who contributed papers and found authors and reviewers to
participate in the project. There were a few international papers submitted
but we had to narrow down the focus and keep it focused on Canada as there
were not enough papers to balance Canadian and international perspectives.
Twelve papers made it in the book after two blind reviews and a
practitioner review.

This edited book is a compilation of articles highlighting government and
corporate initiatives for promoting environmental sustainability in the
field of energy management. It highlights public policies and management
practices in this area, which are transforming businesses and government
organizations alike. It contains:

     reports on advances in theory, techniques, applications, and practice
     general surveys and critical reviews
     case studies and policy issues
     educational or instructional articles providing information,
     experience, and "know how"
     industrial viewpoints based on the current industrial scene
     multi-disciplinary perspectives from, for example, law, business,
     social science, science and practitioners.

The book can be downloaded free of cost from the website below:

This is the second book from Athabasca University's Centre for innovative
Management on issues related to Sustainable Development. The first one
titled "Emerging Dimensions of Environmental Sustainability: A Canadian
Perspective of Innovative Practices" was released in March 2005 and is
available at!OpenDocument


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*IBM Confidential: Greenhouse gas emissions hit danger mark

Greenhouse gas emissions hit danger mark
Tue Oct 9, 2007 9:05am EDT

By Michael Perry

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The global economic boom has accelerated greenhouse gas emissions to a dangerous threshold not expected for a decade and could potentially cause irreversible climate change, said one of Australia's leading scientists.

Tim Flannery, a world recognized climate change scientist and Australian of the Year in 2007, said a U.N. international climate change report due in November will show that greenhouse gases have already reached a dangerous level.

Flannery said the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report will show that greenhouse gas in the atmosphere in mid-2005 had reached about 455 parts per million of carbon dioxide equivalent -- a level not expected for another 10 years.

"We thought we'd be at that threshold within about a decade," Flannery told Australian television late on Monday.

"We thought we had that much time. But the new data indicates that in about mid-2005 we crossed that threshold," he said.

"What the report establishes is that the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is already above the threshold that could potentially cause dangerous climate change."

Flannery, from Macquarie University and author of the climate change book "The Weather Makers", said he had seen the raw data which will be in the IPCC Synthesis Report.

He said the measurement of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere included not just carbon dioxide, but also nitrous oxide, methane and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). All these gases were measured and then equated into potentially one gas to reach a general level.

"They're all having an impact. Probably 75 percent is carbon dioxide but the rest is that mixed bag of other gases," he said.


Flannery said global economic expansion, particularly in China and India, was a major factor behind the unexpected acceleration in greenhouse gas levels.

"We're still basing that economic activity on fossil fuels. You know, the metabolism of that economy is now on a collision course, clearly, with the metabolism of our planet," he said.

The report adds an urgency to international climate change talks on the Indonesian island of Bali in December, as reducing greenhouse gas emissions may no longer be enough to prevent dangerous climate change, he said.

U.N. environment ministers meet in December in Bali to start talks on a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol on curbing climate change that expires in 2012.

"We can reduce emissions as strongly as we like -- unless we can draw some of the standing stock of pollutant out of the air and into the tropical forests, we'll still face unacceptable levels of risk in 40 years time," he said.

Flannery suggested the developed world could buy "climate security" by paying villages in countries like Papua New Guinea not to log forests and to regrow forests.

"That 200 gigatonnes of carbon pollutant, the standing stock that's in the atmosphere, is there courtesy of the industrial revolution, and we're the beneficiaries of that and most of the world missed out," he said.

"So I see that as a historic debt that we owe the world. And I can't imagine a better way of paying it back than trying to help the poorest people on the planet."

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FPL to Invest $2.4 Billion to Increase Solar Thermal Programs

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FPL to Invest $2.4 Billion to Increase Solar Thermal Programs
September 28, 2007
Source: Clean Edge News

FPL Group, Inc., one of the country's leading generators of renewable electric power, announced a $2.4 billion investment program aimed at increasing U.S. solar thermal energy output and reducing carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

FPL Group, and its subsidiaries Florida Power & Light and FPL Energy, announced the following three initiatives recently:

Investment of up to $1.5 billion in new solar thermal generating facilities in Florida and California over the next seven years, starting with a project at Florida Power & Light (FPL). Investment of up to $500 million by FPL to create a smart network that will provide its 4.5 million customers with enhanced energy management capabilities.

The launch by FPL Energy of a new consumer education program and new products that could increase renewable energy resources by at least $400 million over the first five years of the program.

"These new investments, coupled with our recent announcement to invest an estimated $20 billion in new wind generation, demonstrate FPL Group's continued commitment to improve the environment and reaffirm our leadership position among U.S. utilities to combat global warming," said Lew Hay, chairman and CEO of FPL Group.

Former President Bill Clinton announced FPL Group's new commitments at a recent session of the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, an event that fosters shared commitment by individuals, businesses and governments to confront major world issues and achieve real change.

"We at FPL Group are proud of our leadership position in clean energy and are pleased to take yet another step towards helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Hay. "We thank President Clinton for challenging leaders throughout the world to address energy and climate change issues, and we are pleased that we can respond to his call with action.

"We also are deeply honored that Florida Governor Charlie Crist joined us in person today to receive this recognition at the Clinton Global Initiative Forum. Gov. Crist is providing great leadership in our state in addressing climate change," said Hay.