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World Bank Institute Corporate Social Responsibility program -- free web based course

----- Forwarded by Jean-Francois Barsoum/Markham/IBM on 17/11/2004 13:47

Dear Jean-François,

Thank you for your interest in the World Bank Institute Corporate Social
Responsibility program. Per your recent email to my colleague Kelly
please find below information regarding WBI's web based CSR course and
also the
link where you may register for it. The course is free of charge, and is
offered in English. We welcome your participation, and your feedback once
course concludes.

Please feel free to pass the invitation along to any colleagues who you
would be interested in the course, and to contact me at this email with
further questions.


R. W. Pinkney

The World Bank Institute program on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Sustainable Competitiveness presents
Overview of CSR: a Web-Based Course

What is CSR all about?...Is CSR just a fad?....Who creates CSR
can business benefit from CSR?

Over the past decade, a growing number of countries, companies, and
international organizations have recognized the benefits of corporate
responsibility (CSR) in policy and practice. One component of the World
Institute's CSR and Sustainable Competitiveness program (
is a
new web-based course, designed to introduce CSR in both theory and
practice and
demonstrate how CSR can provide a foundation for successful public-private
partnerships and sustainable development.

All participants who complete the course and a brief course evaluation
receive a certificate of participation from the World Bank Institute. The
is available in English, is free of charge, and takes approximately six
hours to
complete. More information on course content is available in the attached

Registration for the upcoming course is open at

All registered participants will receive the information to access the
within 4-5 business days before the scheduled start of the course.

(See attached file: CSR Course General.doc)

World Bank Institute
1818 H St., NW
Washington, DC 20433